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Citrix acquires VDI Solutions Provider Unidesk

Citrix announced its acquisition of Unidesk. Unidesk provides VDI Management for VDI environments in Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and others.

Unidesk, a long-time partner of Citrix, is known for its application layering software. In the near future, Unidesk technology will be integrated with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop software. With its application layering technology, Unidesk allows the delivery of complete operating systems or a single application, on demand and virtually. The layer is linked to the system as a disc, and subsequently performs flawlessly based on excellent Unidesk integration technology. This makes it possible to run, for example, a Word installation for hundreds of customers with a single application layer that is provided on demand. But a complete Windows installation can also easily be rolled out in this way. Because Unidesk software greatly simplifies the management of applications, Unidesk is enjoying increased popularity at large companies.

After the Acquisition

Even after its acquisition by Citrix, Unidesk technology will remain available for Microsoft and VMware. Citrix is bolstering its position in the cloud market with the acquisition of Unidesk, and will gain access to excellent technology for making apps and pc's available in the cloud and on demand. Unidesk will simplify the transition to the cloud for businesses. However, it is also possible to use Unidesk on premise. Exactly when and in what form Unidesk technology will feature in training courses after its acquisition by Citrix is not known at this time