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Here you will find all the articles written by Global Knowledge.

  • Do you know your Role in the Project?

    As a member of a Steering Committee, how do you see the relationship between you and the project?

  • Top 10 Traits of Successful IT Professionals

    If you are considering becoming an IT professional, pay special attention to the character attributes to see if yours match.

  • Cloud, DevOps and IoT Trends to Watch for in 2017

    Where are Cloud, DevOps and IoT heading? Hold on to your hats. If you thought this last year was a wild ride when it came to the cloud, DevOps and the Internet of Things (IoT), then 2017 will only be faster and crazier.

  • It's not an option to ignore change!

    Interview with Toon van Geet of Cisco about the ever changing IT industry and the challenges for Global Knowledge and Cisco.

  • Education is an important pillar of our business

    Interview Paul Verstappen, Manager Learning & Development – Atos: It is essential for Atos employees to have up-to-date knowledge in order for them to perform their jobs properly. Why? Atos optimizes IT environments for customers by taking full control of development and management – regardless of the types of software and hardware these organizations use. This requires current knowledge of the newest IT solutions.

  • From technical expert to translator of business demands

    Interview with Ron Augustus, Director Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners – Microsoft: From on-premise to the cloud, from technical to functional management, from individual programs to integrated software – major shifts are taking place in the world of IT. How does that affect IT professionals: what kind of knowledge is required? How can companies and educators help IT professionals access the knowledge they need?

  • The classroom is irreplaceable. Increased importance of IT in business requires hybrid teaching models

    Interview with Lindsay Keim, Director of Education – Citrix Systems: The role of IT is changing – from support service to a fundamental aspect of business. More and more companies offer IT-based products and services through apps, mobile devices and the Cloud.