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Here you will find all the articles written by Global Knowledge.

  • Do you know your Role in the Project?

    As a member of a Steering Committee, how do you see the relationship between you and the project?

  • Top 10 Traits of Successful IT Professionals

    If you are considering becoming an IT professional, pay special attention to the character attributes to see if yours match.

  • Cloud, DevOps and IoT Trends to Watch for in 2017

    Where are Cloud, DevOps and IoT heading? Hold on to your hats. If you thought this last year was a wild ride when it came to the cloud, DevOps and the Internet of Things (IoT), then 2017 will only be faster and crazier.

  • It's not an option to ignore change!

    Interview with Toon van Geet of Cisco about the ever changing IT industry and the challenges for Global Knowledge and Cisco.

  • Education is an important pillar of our business

    Interview Paul Verstappen, Manager Learning & Development – Atos: It is essential for Atos employees to have up-to-date knowledge in order for them to perform their jobs properly. Why? Atos optimizes IT environments for customers by taking full control of development and management – regardless of the types of software and hardware these organizations use. This requires current knowledge of the newest IT solutions.

  • From technical expert to translator of business demands

    Interview with Ron Augustus, Director Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners – Microsoft: From on-premise to the cloud, from technical to functional management, from individual programs to integrated software – major shifts are taking place in the world of IT. How does that affect IT professionals: what kind of knowledge is required? How can companies and educators help IT professionals access the knowledge they need?

  • The classroom is irreplaceable. Increased importance of IT in business requires hybrid teaching models

    Interview with Lindsay Keim, Director of Education – Citrix Systems: The role of IT is changing – from support service to a fundamental aspect of business. More and more companies offer IT-based products and services through apps, mobile devices and the Cloud.

  • My first impression ruined

    An impressive resume, a stylish suit, certifications in order, and oodles of relevant work experience... as a Consultant, you are more than ready to meet your new employer. All of the ingredients for a successful first meeting are in place. At least, that is what it looks like. But you are rejected anyway...

  • Theory is Silver, Experience is Gold!

    The position of IT specialist has changed drastically over the past few years. Where many IT staff members were almost literally hidden away in dark basements some years ago, today they are some of the most valuable employees working at a company. For many IT professionals, this requires new skill sets, especially in the area of communication. I have been offering so-called Experience Training at Global Knowledge for this purpose during the past year...

  • I don’t understand: Can I Upgrade my MCSE 2012 to 2016?

    We are asked by our customers almost every day how they can upgrade their MCSE 2012 to 2016. However, this question is a bit odd, because neither MCSE 2012 nor MCSE 2016 are existing certifications.

  • GDPR: consequences for marketing

    Do you think a law mandating data breach reporting might cause damage to your corporate image? Brace yourself. The General Data Privacy Regulation, also called GDPR, will be enforced in May 2018.