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HP Courses


HP is a 'Technology Solutions Provider' for consumers as business users. HP is market leader in fault tolerant servers, storage solutions, management software, imaging, printers and PC's.

Global Knowledge offers a wide variety of courses for various HP surroundings, such as HP Openview, HP OpenVMS, HP Tru64 UNIX and HP-UX.


HP ExpertONE network trainings and certifications

As HP ExpertONE Learning Solutions Partner in the Benelux, Global Knowledge offers a specialised training curriculum for the HP ExpertONE program. Besides this program, you can follow other HP courses at Global Knowledge.

Click here for more information about the HP ExpertONE program


Need advice?

If you have any questions about a HP course, program or certification, don't hesitate and please contact Global Knowledge by calling our free number 0800/84 009 or by email to

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Cloud Computing
Navigating The Journey to the Cloud (00856223) (H1L34S)
HPEHelion OpenStack Community edition (H4C07S)
HPE CloudSystem Enterprise (H4C08S)
Using HPE Public Cloud Products and Services Platform (H4S70S)
Networking in OpenStack® using Neutron (H4S71S)
Object Storage in OpenStack using Swift (H4S72S)
Block Storage in OpenStack using Cinder (H4S73S)
OpenStack Foundations (H6C68S)
Eucalyptus Cloud Administrator (H8Q07S)
HP Helion OpenStack (H8Q14S)
Troubleshooting and Tuning OpenStack® Neutron (H8Q17S)
HPE Matrix Operating Environment: infrastructure orchestration Integration (HK916S)
HPE CloudSystem Matrix Administration (HK920S)
Converged Infrastructure (Specifically for HP)
HP Integrity Superdome X Administration (H8P04S)
Data Center
Implementing HPE StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Solutions v.9.21 (HH705S) (00110364)
HPE StorageWorks P4000 SAN Configuration and Administration - v11.1 (HH657S) (00280117)
Designing HPE StorageWorks Solutions (HH702S) (00296721)
Certified Data Center Professional (CDCP) (HK258S)
Data Center & Virtualisation
HP Accelerated SAN Essentials (UC434S)
Database Management & Development
Universal CMDB 10.x Essentials (UCMDB120) (00429892)
Configuration Management System 9.x Advanced (UCMDB350) (00429895)
Designing HPE Data Center and Cloud Solutions (00836332) (H1L32S)
Network Management
Network Node Manager i Software 10.x Essentials (NNMI120) (00379687)
Quality Center 11.x Site Administration (QC350) (00404346)
Using the ALM 11.x Edition (QC360) (00404357)
Application Lifecycle Management 11.x Essentials (PC120) (00405902)
Asset Manager 9.x Software: Essentials (AM120)
BSM (Business Service Management) 9.0 Essentials (BSM120)
Implementing and Troubleshooting HP Wireless Networks Rev 12.31 (00467360) (H3K66S)
HPE OneView Administration (H4C04S)
HPE Systems Insight Manager Essentials (HK756S)
HPE Insight Control Management Master (HK757S)
HPE BladeSystem Networking (00836926) (HL942S)
Network Node Manager i Software 10.x Advanced (NNMI200)
HP Operations Manager 9.0 on Window Administration Essentials (OMW120)
Managing Storage Essentials 9.x (SE120)
Operating Systems
Operations Orchestration 9.x Essentials (OO120) (00247049)
LoadRunner 11.x Essentials (LR120) (00405986)
Implementing HP Rack and Tower Server Solutions (H1L26S)
HP Serviceguard on Linux (H4C12S)
HP-UX Differences for Experienced UNIX System Administrators (H5875S)
HP ServiceGuard I (0071692) (H6487S)
HP ProLiant Embedded Management Scripting (H7H12S)
Integrating HP ProLiant Server Solutions Rev. 15.31 (00988731) (H7H13S)
Introduction to HPE ProLiant (00694700) (HE643S)
HPE BladeSystem Administration: (HE646S) (HE646S)
Advanced Integration and Management of HPE Server Solutions (00604564) (HH708S)
Project Management
PPM Center 9.x Advanced Training (PPM350) (00429072)
PPM340 - PPM Center 9.x Deployment Management Training (00572761)
Routing & Switching
Aruba Mobility BootCamp (H0LJ0S)
Implementing Aruba WLAN (H0LJ1S)
Scalable WLAN Design & Implementation (H0LJ2S)
Aruba Advanced Troubleshooting (H0LJ5S)
ClearPass Essentials (H0LJ7S)
Deploying the Mobile-First Campus using ArubaOS-Switches (H0LK6S)
Aruba Switching Fundamentals for Mobility (01077931) (H0LL1S)
HPE FlexNetwork Fundamentals (00870186) (H4C81S)
HPE Unified Wired-Wireless Networks (Comware/A-series/ WX5004/830/850/870, 7500/10500 module) (H4C82S)
Implementing a Unified BYOD Solution using HPE IMC 7.0 (H4C85S)
Configuring HPE FlexNetwork Technologies for Comware Devices (H4C87S)
Deploying HPE FlexFabric Core Technologies for Comware Based Devices (H4C88S)
Creating HPE Software-defined Networks (00851824) (H8D01S)
Building HPE FlexFabric Data Centers (00908176) (H8D03S)
Architecting HPE FlexNetwork Solutions (00887054) (H8D04S)
HP Unified Wired-Wireless Networks and BYOD (00890621) (H8D05S)
Deploying HPE FlexNetwork Core Technologies (00832513) (H8D06S)
Migrating from Cisco to HPE FlexNetworks (H8D07S)
HPE Fast track for Comware Campus Devices (H8D09S)
Implementing HP FlexNetworks Routing Solutions (H8D10S)
Configuring and Deploying HPE MSR Routers (HK645S)
Accelerated HP Core/Distribution Layer Network Technologies (00646351) (HL045S)
iMC Essentials for Network Administrators (HL048S) (HL048S)
HPE Fast Track for Network Technologies using ProVision Software (HL321S)
HP ArcSight ESM 6.5 Security Administrator and Analyst (00924200)
Configuring and Deploying HPE VPN Firewalls (H3K71S)
Servers & Applications
Implementing HPE SIM, Insight Control, Insight Online and Insight Remote Support (00753564) (H1L29S)
HPE Moonshot Administration (H4C03S)
HPE ConvergedSystem Administration (H7H03S)
Introduction to the NonStop Cluster IO Module (CLIM) (HG765S)
HPE NonStop NB-Series Server Administration I (HG776S)
HPE NonStop NS2000/NS2200 Server Administration I (HH673S)
HPE NonStop NS2000/NS2200 Server Administration II (HH674S)
Architecting HPE Server Solutions (00949920) (HH734S)
HPE Insight Control Management Master (HK757S)
HPE NonStop NS-series Server Administration II (U8638S)
Service Management
Operations Orchestration 9.0 Intermediate and Advanced Authoring (OO350) (00245673)
Business Service Management 9.x Essentials (BSM120) (00357025)
BSM (Business Service Management) 9.0 Essentials (BSM120)
BSM (Business Service Management) 9.0 Essentials (BSM120)
Software Development
POSIX Shell Programming (H4322S) (0071685)
Software Testing
Unified Functional Testing 12 Essentials (UFT120) (00404665)
Business Process Testing 11.x Essentials (BPT120) (00404666)
Implementing HPE StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Solutions v.9.21 (HH705S) (00110364)
HPE StorageWorks VLS and D2D Solutions (HK766S) (00131693)
HPE StorageWorks P4000 SAN Configuration and Administration - v11.1 (HH657S) (00280117)
Designing HPE StorageWorks Solutions (HH702S) (00296721)
Managing Storage Essentials 9.x (SE120) (00657677)
Storage Essentials 9.x Report Optimizer (SE140) (00657737)
HP Data Protector 9.x Essentials (DP120)
Designing HPE SMB Storage Solutions (00729763) (H8C00S)
Designing HPE Enterprise Storage Solutions (00729772) (H8C01S)
Architecting Multi-site HPE Storage Solutions (00759555) (H8C04S)
Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ III (H9P97S)
HP 3PAR StoreServ File Persona Software Suite (H9P98S)
Foundations of HPE Storage Solutions Design, Rev 16.11 (01059420) (H9Q00S)
Designing HPE Backup Solutions, Rev 16.11 (01059534) (H9Q01S)
HPE X9000 Network Storage Systems (HK253S)
HPE StoreVirtual 4000 Storage Administration and Configuration (HK364S)
Managing HPE StoreOnce Backup Solutions (HK766S)
Managing HPE 3PAR StorServ I (HK902S)
Managing HPE 3PAR StorServ II (HK904S)
HPE XP 9500 Storage Administration and Configuration (HK905S)
HPE B Series Switch Administration (BCFA) (HK910S)
HPE B Series Fabric Professional (BCFP) (HK911S)
HPE EVA and P6000 Administration and Management (HK975S)
Storage Essentials 9.x Report Optimizer (SE140)
HP Accelerated SAN Essentials (UC434S)
HPE Virtual Connect (HK758S)