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Learn something new this summer


Take a second training course free of charge

Summertime is an ideal time to prepare yourself for new challenges. The world is changing faster and you also have to keep up with all the developments and prepare for them. Global Knowledge helps you by giving you an extra training course this summer.

How it works

  • Book the two training courses before August 15
  • Fill in the booking form and send it to us
  • Take the two training courses before September 10
  • Select an online training course if you cannot take the two training courses before September 10
  • You will only be charged for the more expensive training course
  • Not to be combined with other campaigns, agreements or promotions

View the complete terms and conditions.

So for the entire summer: two training courses for the price of one!

Global Knowledge has scheduled a large number of training courses for this summer. The most popular training courses are often even scheduled multiple times. So you can easily book a training course around your vacation schedule. We also have many training courses that are guaranteed to run, the highest number in the market.