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PRINCE2 ® Courses



PRINCE2 ® provides a structured method with a standard approach for effective project management. PRINCE2 ® offers (project) managers and organizations the necessary structure for a controlled use of available resources and the opportunity for business to manage all project risks more effectively. In practice PRINCE2 ® is now the standard method that is used extensively in both the public and private sectors, at home and abroad



Global Knowledge provides as the world's largest independent IT training many different PRINCE2 ® courses, trainings and workshops which leads up to the two PRINCE2 ® certifications: PRINCE2 ®  Foundation and PRINCE2 ® Practitioner.

Global Knowledge offers PRINCE2 ® courses and trainings at our own trainingscenters in Mechelen, Gent and Brussels.


Challenge of Egypt – Projectmanagement in daily life

The ancient Egyptians were able to, in a relatively short time, to build huge pyramids. Without effective project management, the Egyptians would not be capable. Because how do you get millions of stones in the right place and make sure that the thousands 'workers' work as efficiently and effectively as possible without each other's way. And how do you deal with the vagaries of the Pharaohs who unleash during construction ever day new demands on the project states.


In an interactive workshop, the "Challenge of Egypt ', you get the assignment to build a pyramid in which you must take into account all the above aspects.

In one day you will learn using a game all the basic principles and methods of effective project management using the PRINCE2 ® methodology. You will also learn how the quality and effectiveness of project management can be measured.

Click here for more information about the workshop ‘Challenge of Egypt'


PRINCE2 ® Foundation and Practitioner certifications

PRINCE2 ® has got 2 levels of certification: Foundation en Practitioner.

  • PRINCE2 ® Foundation

    If you already have some knowledge and experience in project management and you want to get to know the PRINCE2 ® Project Management Method, you can use the PRINCE2 ® Foundation training at Global Knowledge. After completing this training, you can go for the PRINCE2®  Foundation Exam. For additional preparation for the official PRINCE2 ®  exam, the candidate has access to an e-learning environment which contains a mock exam.

Click here for the PRINCE2 ® Foundation training 

  • PRINCE2 ® Practitioner

    Are you in possession of the PRINCE2 ® Foundation certificate and do you have the knowledge and experience in PRINCE2 ® project management? Then you can use the PRINCE2 ® Practitioner training with the aim of applying the methodology in practice and prepare for the PRINCE2 ® Practitioner Exam.

    The PRINCE2 ® Practitioner certificate is valid for 5 years

Click here for PRINCE2 ® Practitioner training



If you have any questions about a training, course, certifications or something else about PRINCE2 ®, don’t hesitate and please contact us by calling with our free number on 0800/84 009 or e-mail to