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ITIL ® Courses


ITIL ® is the international de facto standard for best practices in IT Service Management.
Global Knowledge offers as the largest independent IT training provider, an extensive series of ITIL ® training courses and training, from basic 'awareness' training to implement programs.

Global Knowledge also offers courses, workshops and seminars so you and your team learn how to put the ITIL ® theory into practice with the help of the own ITIL ® in Action 'training. Every ITIL ® courses, training, workshop or seminar at Global Knowledge can help you, if desired, for your ITIL ® Service Management certification.

Global Knowledge provides ITIL ® courses, training and education in its own course locations in Mechelen, Gent and Brussels.


What does ITIL ® stand for?

ITIL ® stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and is created from a collection of best practices in the field of IT services are found.
ITIL provides a systematic approach to the delivery of the desired quality of IT services. It gives a detailed description of the (most) important processes in an IT organization and includes checklists for tasks, procedures and responsibilities that any organization can use as a basis for tailoring to their own business needs. The broad coverage of the ITIL ® material makes it possible to deduce new improvement goals for the IT organization to deduce. This allows the organization to grow and mature.

ITIL ® provides structure and clarity in responsibilities

The result of using ITIL ® process implementation is similar to an ISO 9000 certification for companies outside of the ICT industry in which all parts of the organization are described and in a certain hierarchy in terms of authority and responsibility are arranged. For IT service organizations, a specific ISO standard developed the ISO / IEC 20000.

Especially ITIL ® closely follows the requirements set by the ISO / IEC 20000 certification. Besides structure and clarity of powers and responsibilitieITIL_schemas provides the following benefits for ITIL ® service management within your organization:

The (intended) benefits of ITIL ® are:

ITIL ® ensures alignment between business and IT
ITIL ® makes the better quality of your service is guaranteed
ITIL ® increases productivity
ITIL ® brings the level of service to a higher level
ITIL ® provides cost control and reduction
ITIL ® provides a more efficient and effective information
ITIL ® provides structure and clarity (standardization) in powers and responsibilities.


ITIL ® Certifications

To achieve the above objectives, Global Knowledge offers a complete portfolio of ITIL ®. Global Knowledge offers certifications for ITIL ®, but also courses, trainings and exams for ITIL ®  certification. 


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ITIL_in_Action_shuttleITIL ® in action

If you have successfully obtained your ITIL ® certification and are equipped with many ITIL ® theory, practice exercises, etc.  afterwards often the question rises: "How can I use my knowledge into practice?"

It appears to be very difficult to apply what you lhave learned directly in to practice. For this issue we therefore refer to ITIL ® in Action courses. These courses give you insight into how ITIL ® is in relation to you and your work and offer you practical skills, hands-on case studies and exercises which you can use the tools and techniques that you can use in your work.

Here you can find more information about ITIL ® in action


Need advice?

If you have any questions about ITIL ® certifications or something else about ITIL ®, don’t hesitate and please contact us by calling with our free number on 0800/84 009 or e-mail to

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our locations at Brussels, Gent or Mechelen.

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