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Why Choose Global Knowledge?

With over 20 years training experience, Global Knowledge has a wealth of knowledge and skills unsurpassed by other professional training companies. Our focus is on delivering the best customer support and advice in our industry, placing the customer at the heart of the business.
Thousands of businesses rely on Global Knowledge to identify the skills they need to support the technologies and systems they utilize. Individual professionals rely on us to keep them in the forefront of the skills needed tomorrow. Here are some of the key reasons why they choose Global Knowledge:

Learning services

Global Knowledge recognises that learning is not just attending training courses but is critical to an organisations success. Today business is fast moving, competitive and demands a highly skilled workforce. Our Learning Services Offerings are designed to support our customers in achieving these goals and together we develop learning programmes that fit in with their strategy.

Partnering for training strength

Global Knowledge partners with the world's leading technology leaders, including Cisco, Microsoft and VMware to ensure that we're not only delivering authorised training content, but adhere to their quality commitments. Added to that, we work together with leading testing providers, such as VUE and Prometric, enabling us to test and verify the acquired knowledge of participants on our programmes.

Vendor neutrality

Unlike other training companies, we provide a vendor neutral approach to information technology, a key component in preparing students for successful implementations.

Flexible courses that fit your needs

Building our courses with individual learning objects allows us to easily customise a solution that meets the needs of your organisation. From editing standard course curriculum to creating a custom course that complements the best practices of your organisation's project management methodology, we have the experience and expertise to deliver exactly what you need.