Enrich your course experience with extra live lab practice time.

The exclusive e-Labs and Lab Practices of Global Knowledge offer you access to live hardware over the internet. If you combine this with our ability of e-learning over the internet, you have the superior course materials and the necessary experience to resolve all your IT challenges.

Global Knowledge recognises that many people learn through practise and to meet this end we provide excellent equipment and facilities for all delegates attending our classroom training. However we recognise that learning comes in many alternative forms (E-Learning, self-study guides etc.) and so can provide access to real equipment for you to practise and explore.

Global Knowledge has invested millions in specialised hardware to enhance the standard labs you'll get from other providers. While most training providers use simulations or static demos, we know that real-world, practical experience with actual equipment and software is a better way for you to learn the skills you need to succeed.
All our e-labs are based on topologies that simulate a typical real-world network and reinforce the course curriculum to provide the most relevant and helpful experience available anywhere.

Whether you repeat labs from class or try out optional additional labs on your own time to see more features in action, with e-Lab credits, you can:

  • Practice using real-world, practical scenarios;
  • Practice on real-world equipment in real-world situations;
  • Explore software and equipment features in depth;
  • Take advantage of optional labs available outside of the classroom experience;
  • Use your credits on a single lab or a variety of labs from several courses;
  • Access labs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our secure data centre.

If you have any questions about the e-Labs or training courses, certifications or something else, don’t hesitate and please contact us by calling with our free number on 0800/84 009 or e-mail to info@globalknowledge.be

We look forward to welcome you at one of our locations at Mechelen, Brussels or Gent.


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