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Digital Course Material


We are taking the next step into the digital world; the E-book is rising in popularity for its convenience and is through mobile devices easily accessible. Whether we like it or not, the pressed ‘regular’ book as we all know it is under high pressure. Even in the education branch E-books are being used more frequently. Several high schools are already using E-books and even in kindergartens little students are already using tablets as if they were born with it. Anyone that recognizes the possibilities understands that the benefits are endless. With digital course material it is possible to peak into your course book whenever you feel like it and the online aspects makes it accessible for every mobile device at anytime, anywhere. The convenience that digital course material offers makes it way more useful and accessible in specific situations. Today you won’t need to turn your book cabinet upside down to find the book you desire and browse through the index to find the specific topic you are looking for, only to realize that the book is outdated and the contents are therefore irrelevant. Now you would simply take out your mobile device, open the latest updated version of your book and search the specific topic you were looking for. As the digital landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace, training providers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age and Global Knowledge is adapting to realize the possibilities.


Why Digital Course Material?

• Access your course materials from desktop computers, laptops, and tablets
• Use both online and offline
• Navigate easily through extensive materials
• Highlight, take notes and customize your study experience
• Adjust the text size, margins, and highlighting preferences
• Search course materials using key words or phrases
• Expand charts, pictures and graphics for better viewing
• Sync between devices
• Retain your course materials forever – no expiration
• Environmentally aware and cost reducing


How does Digital Course Material work?

Global Knowledge always makes use of the available official course material of its vendors. Therefore, you are assured of an optimal preparation for a possible exam and that you will receive the latest content updates of the digital course material that you have in your possession. Nowadays, vendors are increasingly shifting their focus onto digital course material. At this point, Citrix, Microsft and VMware are offer digital course material through Global Knowledge.  

In the Citrix training digital course material will be used. To fully utilize the digital material we recommend you to bring your own device (laptop, tablet). When you don’t bring your own device, you can access the course material via extra-large screens available at the Citrix course.

Pay attention: When you follow a XenMobile course, we recommend you always to bring your own tablet device to the course. This tablet needs to work on Android or iOS.

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Global Knowledge delivers official digital course material for all Microsoft courses. You can access this material through a browser or through the Skillspipe reader. The Skillpipe reader grants the possibility to download the material and provide it with a valid license, no matter the type of the device. The Skillpipe reader is available for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Andriod. You could download and install the Skillspipe reader preliminary to the start of your course through:

The digital course material that your receive from Global Knowledge is your own personal possession. With this material you also benefit from future updates of the titles that are in your possession.  Besides that, you also have the possibility to use the digital course material on a total of three different devices.

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To gain access to the digital course material of Global Knowledge, you will receive an e-mail from Gilmore Global with an eKIT license code. It is important that you thoroughly read the confirmation and follow the advices that are mentioned.  To optimize the use of digital course material, we advise you to bring your own mobile device to the training. In order to use the digital course material, you have to install a reader of VitalSource (  on an Apple, Android or Kindle Fire device.  In order not to run into too much delay at the start of your training, we advise and ask of you to instal the reader on your device plus your VMware E-book. 

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More information

If you have any questions about a training, course, certifications or digital course material, don’t hesitate and please contact us by calling our free number on 0800/84 009 or e-mail to