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Community Learning

Community Learning Portal

Community Learning Portal - Flexible learning at Global Knowledge

For the further development of both your organization as yourself gaining the right knowledge is necessary. Trainings and courses, we know better than anyone can take a lot of time and energy. The challenge is therefore to find an effective way of learning without harming the daily business.

With this in mind, Global Knowledge has developed an innovative curriculum  under the heading Community Learning Portal (CLP). Through this program we offer a combination of different teaching techniques that meet both individual needs and those of the organizations involved. The Community Learning Portal by Global Knowledge ensure that the alleged knowledge and certification goals are achieved with the right materials . For your business, this means also that during the training period better efficiency is obtained from the participants.

The different teaching techniques used within this unique learning solution include classroom training, e-learning, online labs and mock exams.

Cooperating with students and teachers
CLP Global Knowledge is a unique learning experience where participants work together in partnership to set a goal. The teacher plays an initiating and stimulating role. The design of this program will allow the participant to benefit of the interaction with colleagues and subject matter experts. Together with the same common interest pursued: obtaining a (vendor specific) certification.

Learning through the Community Learning Portal Global Knowledge method offers several advantages:

  • More freedom for participants to self-study to classify
  • Less travel time and travel costs
  • Less training days, so more days available for the normal work
  • With the full electronic learning the detailed study of the participants are followed by the trainer. Once a participant arrears, additional help is offered. Global Knowledge increases as with the client's chances of success participants.
  • CLS is certainly interesting for large system integrators where large groups of employees must obtain various certifications and relatively time spent on training.

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Community Learning Portal (Portal CL)
Each participant gets access to a Community Learning Portal (Portal CL) which offers a personal learning page. The CL Portal is a group environment and is at least as important as its own page. In training situations, people learn not only from the trainer, but also from each other. With the CL Portal participants can share knowledge and experience and they find the general material. Through the personal page their personal progress is kept. The electronic learning environment provides a wide variety of information and background in the form of electronic books, podcasts and tutorials.

Please click here for more information about our Community Learning Portal (Portal CL)

Collaborative_Learning_SolutionsCLP in a nutshell

  • New learning method based on 'New Way of Working'
  • Time and place independent but controlled moments
  • Less pressure on your schedule
  • Maximum flexibility for the organization and student
  • Social Media, podcasts, VODcasts, Whitepapers
  • Individually, but part of the whole (group process)