Organisational & Personal Effectiveness

In today’s competitive and fast-changing business environment organizations are looking for competitive advantage. In the past, the focus has been on developing the right business strategy and hiring the best people with the right skills to execute the vision. Strong business skills of either individual employee or managers provide an organization a permanent competitive advantages in all segments of the market. Global Knowledge helps managers and other employees obtain and develop the required set of skills in order to keep on progressing and to avoid stagnation.

Leadership and Management courses

Whilst strategy and people are still critical to success, the organizations that are leading today are those that can leverage technology to drive their business model, improve employee productivity and innovate. By having an extensive portfolio set of management courses, the courses and trainings of Global Knowledge can be developed and improved to help a manager’s organization, department or team improve, guide and motivate. 

Personal Effectiveness Courses

The Global Knowledge Organisational and Personal Effectiveness courses provide a unique and broad range of learning solutions and services designed to help our customers create the right strategy, make sure that the right people with the right skills and knowledge are in place across the organisation to execute it effectively and align IT and business to accelerate results. Global Knowledge offers a quality learning experience and range of courses and trainings that improve the personal effectiveness of individual employee. Global  Knowledge provides courses for time management and assertiveness courses, courses that stimulate teamwork, improve communication between sales and services departments and courses that help to build strategic partnerships.

Quality first!

Global Knowledge is putting quality first. Highly qualified teachers with tons of pratical experience will provide you the necessary knowledge to improve your organization, team, department and your own productivity to make it more effective and to be more successful in general. We would like to invite you to meet us at one of our Organisational & Personal Effectiveness training courses at outlined below. The red colored courses will be available very soon.  


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  • Senior IT Managers who are responsible for the IT and business strategy
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  • IT Managers who are responsible for the interference and the implementation of the IT and business strategy
    Available soon
  • Individual IT Professionals
    Available soon
  • Executives who in collaboration with IT determine the IT and business strategy
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