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Videos and Demos

Several studies have shown that the self experiencing exercises and training is one of the best ways to learn. Therefore Global Knowledge has introduced the concept of e-learning in their business. This not only offers many advantages for the customer but also for the organization itself.

On this page you will learn all about e-learning, you can have different demos in which the concept of e-learning is explained, you will get an introduction to the virtual classroom, you will learn Self-Paced e-Learning and e-Labs and you get access to the virtual library of Global Knowledge.
More videos from Global Knowledge on Cloud Computing, databases, security and unified communications can be found here.

The following links connect you to the introduction sequences of the virtual classroom of Global Knowledge

icoon_video Introduction to the virtual classroom
In this video you get introduced to the virtual classroom of Global Knowledge.
icoon_video E-Learning in the virtual classroom
Find out more about the Global Knowledge Virtual Classroom e-Learning experience. This demo gives you a bit more insight into e-Learning.
icoon_video Tools of the virtual classroom
This video expo-lores the various possibilities of e-Learning.

More videos by vendors click here.


The following links connects you to the demos of Global Knowledge. You must register for to watch the demo.


Self-Paced e-Learning Enhanced Demo
This demo contains several e-Learning courses from which to choose. This allows you to make the right choice that fits your specific needs.


The link below gives you access to the online library of Global Knowledge. You must register before you gain access.

Visit here the online Library of Global Knowledge


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