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Social Media helps you keep and improve your personal contacts, but also within the business world Social Media has an important role. Through Social Media companies improve their contacts with the customer, they are much closer and they can deliver better service.

Global Knowledge Netherlands is also active with Social Media. You can use Facebook, Twitter and / or LinkedIn to meet your fellow students, engage with teachers, you are the first to be informed of new training courses, read about the latest promotions and more.


facebook_button The Global Knowledge facebook-page gives You the necessary information about the latest in IT- courses and keeps you up to date about upcoming events, courses and trainings and our webinars.
twitter_button Follow the latest news of Global Knowledge on Twitter. With the useful tweets from the staff of Global Knowledge you can get into contact with people from your own field and exchange information with several experts.
linkedin_button On the LinkedIn page of Global Knowledge you will learn more about the promotions at Global Knowledge. Get in touch with our experts and discuss different themes.


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