• GDPR: consequences for marketing

    Do you think a law mandating data breach reporting might cause damage to your corporate image? Brace yourself. The General Data Privacy Regulation, also called GDPR... Read more

  • I don’t understand: Can I Upgrade my MCSE 2012 to 2016?

    We are asked by our customers almost every day how they can upgrade their MCSE 2012 to 2016. However, this question is a bit odd, because... Read more

  • Theory is Silver, Experience is Gold!

    The position of IT specialist has changed drastically over the past few years. Where many IT staff members were almost literally hidden away in dark basements... Read more

  • Blog: My first impression ruined even though I did everything right!

    An impressive resume, a stylish suit, certifications in order, and oodles of relevant work experience... as a Consultant, you are... Read more

  • Citrix acquires VDI Solutions Provider Unidesk

    Citrix announced its acquisition of Unidesk. Unidesk provides VDI Management for VDI environments in Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and others.  Read more

  • Cloud, DevOps and IoT Trends to Watch for in 2017

    Where are Cloud, DevOps and IoT heading? Hold on to your hats. If you thought this last year was a wild ride when it came to the cloud, DevOps and the... Read more

  • Member of a Steering Committee: Do you know your Role in the Project?

    As a member of a Steering Committee, how do you see the relationship between you and the project? Read more

  • Top 10 Traits of Successful IT Professionals

    If you are considering becoming an IT professional, pay special attention to the character attributes to see if yours match. Read more


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