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We are your source for IT security skills building & offer
a robust security curriculum ranging from novice to expert.

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  • High Impact Leadership - Delivering Results in the 21st Century

    15 September 2015 - Understand the new skills and competencies of 21st century leadership Read more

  • Webinar: How to Achieve Leading Customer Experience

    8 September 2015 - In this free webinar, it will cover Customer Experience and how this can be implemented within an organisation. Read more

  • Microsoft Recognizes Global Knowledge for Creative and Innovative IT Training Solutions

    Mechelen 24th July 2015 - Microsoft Recognizes Global Knowledge for Creative and Innovative IT Training Solutions Read more

  • How Secure is your Organisation?

    There is hardly a week that goes by without the announcement that another organisation has been targeted by hackers. Unfortunately, this is not a trend that is likely... Read more

  • Webinar| Additional Development Support and Tools

    1 December 2015 - Sales Excellence webinar covering Additional Development Support and Tools, part of a webinar series brought to you by Global... Read more

  • Webinar| Changing the Sales Engagement

    29 September 2015 - Sales Excellence webinar covering Changing the Sales Engagement, part of a webinar series brought to you by Global Knowledge. Read more

  • Webinar| Creating the Solution Business Case

    17 November 2015 - Sales Excellence webinar covering Creating the Solution Business Case, part of a webinar series brought to you by Global Knowledge. Read more

  • Webinar| Delivering Benefits Realisation to the Customer

    24 November 2015 - Sales Excellence webinar covering Delivering Benefits Realisation to the Customer, part of a webinar series brought to you... Read more


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  2. Avaya Training
  3. AWS Training
  4. Brocade Training
  5. CheckPoint Training
  6. Cisco Training
  7. Citrix Training
  8. Cloud Credential Council Training
  9. Dell/SonicWall
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Global Knowledge Actual

With Knowledge you retain your lead.

Global Knowledge organizes besides the regular range of courses and trainings, webinars on various interesting topics which you can use to expand your knowledge. These webinars are available for free online. Besides webinars we also organize seminars and workshops on a regular basis. These are usually free to attend or available for a small fee.

At Global Knowledge you are at the right place at to gain knowledge!

Knowledge Center

In our Knowledge Center you can find free additional information about subjects which are directly related to our IT- curriculum, including White Papers, videos & Demos, assessments, catalogues and Social media.

Teaching Methods

In the fast paced world of technology where everyone has easy access to the internet, information is always at your fingertips. The familiarity with these technologies for gathering knowledge has added a new dimension to learning. At Global Knowledge we have integrated many of these methods into our curriculum so that we can always develop and offer you a ready-made solution that meets your specific requirements, location and budget. We offer top quality course content under the expert guidance of IT specialists - in class, at your office, via the Internet and / or virtual.

Largest provider of training courses for IT professionals

IT and Business training courses are delivered by Global Knowledge in our education centers, at office or at your home. You can choose between various forms of classroom and online education.

Classroom training

Our classroom training guarantees excellent education by expert instructors, in a modern and comfortable Global Knowledge environment.


Global Knowledge's e-Learning provides students the possibility to gain access to course material whenever you want and wherever you are.

Virtual & Classroom Select

With Virtual & Classroom Select, you have the possibility to attend a course in one of our classrooms or via internet at your own comfort.

Class Connect HD

Class Connect HD connects Global Knowledge classrooms virtually. This means that you can be virtually connected to a training somewhere else in the country or even in the world.